GSW is an intensive land-based vocational training program for livestock management, regenerative ecological services, and entrepreneurial development.

GSW’s focus is around three main areas of training in order to empower a new kind of land and livestock manager adept in the intersection of stewardship and stockmanship:

  • LAND: To educate emerging farmers, ranchers, graziers and land stewards in the practice and theory of regenerative rangeland management skills, incorporating wildlife ecology, soil & plant sciences and watershed systems

  • ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: To support and build productive livestock operations with ethical and humane animal husbandry practices

  • BUSINESS & COMMUNITY: To train students to become empowered entrepreneurs and community members who recognize the potential for economic development via place-based businesses.


A successful GSW graduate will have the practical and business skills to pursue a career in land-based stockman/womanship through entrepreneurial endeavors or collaboration with established livestock operations, public agencies or land management businesses.

Target audiences

  • non-traditional demographics (urban, college graduates, new to agriculture, refugee, post-incarceration populations)

  • multi-generational operations looking to improve their viability and success through legacy farming.


will be multiple weeks/months with part or full-time commitment and season-specific trainings. The structure of the full GSW training program is still in development, based on ongoing research and collaboration with partner organizations.


will include comprehensive and practical instruction of using livestock as a tool on both public and private landscapes for:

  • fire hazard abatement

  • invasive species management

  • soil remediation projects

  • entrepreneurialism in land-based business working with livestock

  • ecologically-minded land stewardship and succession

  • building of soil organic carbon

  • stacked enterprise production (meat, milk, fiber, hides)  


will focus on the intention of starting or managing innovating mixed/stacked revenue model grazing operations.
Training will:

  • Assist in the connection to markets for locally and sustainably raised meat, fiber, hide and leather products, and ideally help build those markets

  • Assist in connection to land and contract access through strategic partnerships with land linkage organizations, public agencies and funders

The desire for careers in meaningful and impactful work seems more important than ever. The time is now to discover new career paths that provide quality of life while contributing to positive change providing viable livelihoods. With increasing cost of living, massive student loan debt pressures and an unpredictable political, environmental, and economic climate, new approaches to support next-generation agrarians with a roadmap to success is key.

It will take collaboration from the private and public sectors, academic institutions, industry stakeholders and committed individuals to navigate and support the creation of viable careers in the challenging yet rewarding work of land stewardship with livestock, producing food and fiber, and providing public safety services through appropriate and mindful grazing practices.

I’d love to see more comrade graziers from all backgrounds defining our new wave of pastoralism in the West.
— Brittany Cole Bush, Next-Generation Land & Livestock Entrepreneur