GSW Evolves: 2019 Spring Update

In 2018 we assessed and identified the immediate needs for training from those on-the-ground, next-generation and seasoned land and livestock operators, as well as the demand for technical assistance from private and public land managers for the utilization of prescribed grazing as an effective and impactful tool, and alternative to chemicals and machinery.

From our learnings we’ve evolved GSW’s current approach and have added a “services” wing of GSW to provide this immediate technical assistance for those ready to begin prescribed grazing programs for public safety, conservation-minded stewardship of open spaces, and integrated crop system grazing, such as vineyards and orchards.

In addition, we have built coalition with other organizations to support this rapidly growing field of prescribed grazing to ensure high standards in approach and execution of grazing programs with ecologically sound, and humane animal husbandry practices. This year we are also embarking on deeper collaborations with the Quivira Coalition and the New Agrarian Apprenticeship Program to support the recruitment and training of new apprentices for real world experience.

While we aim to support the vocational training of the next-generation land and livestock practitioners with a long-term training program and apprenticeship, we are focusing on how to create impact where our team is able. This includes intensive day/two-day workshops, orientations, and educational speaker series, hosted in collaboration with established organizations, institutions, agencies, and businesses. We also now provide consulting, advising and project management for newly emerging prescribed grazing programs.

Here are two upcoming events and programs we recommend for training and experiential education opportunities held in the Bay Area, California:

TRANSHUMANCE FESTIVAL: A Celebration of Grassland Culture, Resiliency, and Dedication to Good Food on May 11th, 9am-5pm Petaluma, CA


Thank you for following GSW’s development and stay tuned for further ruminations and developments!

Brittany Cole Bush/ BCB