A new era of land stewardship & vocation in the American West prevails


The Grazing School of the West offers multidisciplinary vocational training, peer exchange, technical assistance, and professional development for individuals working within the fields of livestock and land management. Our mission is to support and promote individuals utilizing prescriptive livestock grazing as a land stewardship methodology.

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What we do

TRAIN emerging land and livestock managers and entrepreneurs in responsible land, business, and animal husbandry skills. Inspire new entries into the field.

CONVENE practitioners already working in the field to support community building, skill exchange, shared experience storytelling, collective messaging, and public advocacy.

SUPPORT private and public landowners, and professionals within agencies and organizations looking to use prescribed grazing in their land management practices by providing technical assistance, consulting and resources in a fee-for-service relationship.

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who we serve

Are you interested in prescribed grazing training as a land management professional, or a new or seasoned livestock operator?

Are you a private or public land manager seeking assistance in developing a prescribed grazing program?